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Alpina Remtitan

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ski goggles Alpina Remtitan
Top-of-the-line model that excels at offering superior contrast enhancement thanks to unique QUATTROFLEX lenses. Indirect ventilation ensures optimum prevention of fogging. An exterior flexible head strap makes remtitan ideally suited for wearing with a ski helmet
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> 100 % UV-A, -B and -C protection up to 400 nm
> Turbo Venting System
> Fogstop Coating
> Thermocoating
> Thermoblock
> Diamond Coating
> High Contrast Polarized System

> Protection against damage of the retina
> Protection against lens fogging
> Greater safety due to better sight
> Improved insulation properties
> 20% greater freedom from misting. More relax skiing.
> 50% higher resistance to scratching, reduced strain on the
eyes and less problematic vision thanks to clearer lenses
> 100% absorption of stay light. Glare-free vision.
Increased safety due to Color Feedback.
Extreme contrast enhacement: 30% more contrast.

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Ski goggles Alpina 04/05
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