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Elan launches New Primetime ski collection, to bring the fun back to carving

Elan launches New Primetime ski collection, to bring the fun back to carving
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Elan launches New Primetime ski collection, to bring the fun back to carving
Elan, 100% handcrafted in the Slovenian Alps for almost 80 years, presents revolutionary Primetime series, a new and exciting collection of skis, designed to spark a revived enthusiasm for skiing on the slopes. Elan’s flagship new series has already collected several internationally recognized awards for design, innovation, quality and performance.
The eight-model collection comprises of four models for men and four for women, which combine a fresh and youthful design philosophy with state-of-the-art new carving technology for the best on slope experience for piste skiers of all abilities.

“Elan invented carving and with that heritage, we felt it was time to bring the category of carving skis to a whole new level and make resort skiing more attractive and more fun.” said Elan Product Manager, David Primožič. ‘’Inspired by skiing on piste, shredding freshly groomed slopes, the Primetime skis elevate the joy and excitement of carving on piste.

Elan recognizes within the category of piste skiers there are various types of skiers; those who like speed, others who make tight carving turns, and others who just like to cruise. The Primetime series has a model for everyone.

Elan designed the Primetime series to give every skier more control when carving, regardless of their skiing level. This is achieved by adjusting and strengthening materials where it is needed through Primetime’s PowerMatch technology, supported by Elan’s unique left & right Amphibio profile. It ensures an even more precise power transmission to the parts of the ski where it is most needed and allows smooth tracking of the ski through a variety of groomed slopes. The specific placement of materials enhances the performance of the designated right and left skis for excellent edge control and overall performance.

‘’The most important aspect of Elan’s strategy is to inspire skiers to spend more time in the outdoors.” Primožič added. “We realized within the traditional piste category, the industry lacked excitement and innovation, so we created a series to ensure good times and unparalleled carving experiences on the slopes. It offers an appropriate model for every level of intensity and

experience, making the collection perfect for groups to enjoy a great day on the slopes, together.” said Primožič.

The PowerMatch technology is empowered by the skis’ Dual Density Woodcore by utilizing a thicker profile and stronger materials along the inside edge of the ski for power, stability, edge grip, and rebound. Meanwhile, the outside edge has a thinner profile in the tip and tail and uses lighter materials for intuitive maneuverability, weight reduction, ease of skiing, and smoother tracking.

Additionally, the Primetime series features DualTi Reinforcement for excellent edge control, strength and rebound, Racing Sidewall Technology for direct power transmission, and of course the Amphibio profile which combines rocker profile on outer edges for easy turning and camber profile on the inside edges for excellent edge grip.

The Primetime innovative 3D design is inspired by the underlying technology inside the ski. The monochrome, fresh color scheme runs through all Primetime ski models and is inspired by the different areas of sport, fashion, and beauty.

Despite the shared basis of the PowerMatch technology, the aptly named individual models of the Elan Primetime series offer different and specially adapted technological features for the best possible fit for each type of piste skier.

The new Primetime series, like all Elan ski models, is handcrafted locally in the heart Slovenian Alps with 100% electric energy from renewable sources and part with their own solar-generated power to reduce the brand’s environmental impact as well as sourcing all their materials within 400 kilometers of the factory.

Elan launches New Primetime ski collection, to bring the fun back to carving
Elan launches New Primetime ski collection, to bring the fun back to carving

Award Winning

The new Primetime series skis have already been recognized as a step forward for piste skiers and received several prestigious awards.

Juries are most impressed by Primetime 55 and its women's counterpart, Primetime N°5. Primetime 55 was recognized by the organizers of the biggest sports trade fair in Munich, where it received the ISPO Award.

The same model was also awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, an international design competition that recognizes excellence and acknowledges the best in design and business.

Primetime 55 and Primetime N°5 also received the Plus X Award for innovation, high quality, design, functionality, and ergonomics.

‘’Awards are a testament to the innovation in our products, but also a recognition of Elan’s way of thinking and our work. We are very pleased that

we consistently manage to innovate and design skis, which are so enthusiastically received by independent ski experts and our customers,’’ said Primožič.

The new Primetime series:

Speed Demon and Piste Maven, precise, exact and responsive, the Primetime 55 and N°5
The most precise ski in the collection with quick and easy edge changes and carving possibilities in a class of its own is made for the more advanced skier who loves to carve out a good time.
The 55 for men and N°5 for women are available in the following lengths: 144, 151, 158, 165, 172
Geometry: 121 | 69 | 102

Turn burners, which give confidence on the slope, the Primetime 55+ and N°4+ are wider than their siblings in the series, providing more support and balance for a confident ride without losing maneuverability and giving the skiers the perfect fit between high performance and having more support.
Lengths: 144, 151, 158, 165, 172, 179
Geometry: 130 | 74 | 111

For the Early birds looking for agility and ease of skiing, the Primetime 44 and N°4
Effortless accessibility to power- this model offers increased edge speed for special carving performance and a playful ride for those who like effortless carving turns throughout the whole day.
The men's model 44 and women's model N°4 are available in the following lengths: 144, 151, 158, 165, 172, 179
Geometry: 121 | 69 | 102

Hot lappers, for an easy and highly energetic experience, the Primetime 33 and N°3
Designed for fun and enjoyment, the Primetime 33 and N°3 blend a versatile footprint with inspiring edge quickness for an easy, high-energy experience. The perfect carving companion for easy days.
Lengths: 144, 151, 158, 165, male version also in 172, 179
Geometry: 127 | 73 | 111

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