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Possibilities for Surprises

Dominik Paris / Saslong Classic Club
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Dominik Paris / Saslong Classic Club
S. Cristina, 12 December 2023 – In the first downhill training session, the Saslong revealed a somewhat different facet of its usual profile, marked by unfamiliar terrain and extended jumps, ultimately clinched by the US American, Jared Goldberg. Here's a compilation of insights from some key racers following the training.
Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (2nd place): "The snow is exceptionally fast this year. The course boasts impressive speed, and the jumps are notably wide. I anticipate changes in conditions when it starts snowing. Certain jumps might require adjustments. Nevertheless, the course is in impeccable condition, as is customary in Val Gardena/Gröden. With contenders like Marco Odermatt, Vincent Kriechmayr, and the formidable US team, there's a plethora of favorites, and I count myself among them."

Dominik Paris (9th place): "I'm enjoying the Saslong this year. Everything seems a bit swifter than usual, indicating that a few sections might be fine-tuned. The upcoming races will hinge on weather conditions and how the course evolves. If the current conditions persist, it promises to be an exciting year, catering to a broader range of athletes beyond the Norwegians and Americans, who have dominated in recent years. Now, we Italians can also make our mark."

Florian Schieder (16th place): "My run was reasonably good up to the Ciaslat today, but unfortunately, I lost the line a bit afterward. The surface exceeded my expectations, and the jumps are impressively high and wide. I hope these conditions endure during the races. Following the successful results last season, there's higher personal pressure on me compared to a year ago. More spectators will be here in the coming days because of me, making it crucial to give my best and not disappoint my fans."

Christof Innerhofer (30th place): "My run wasn't up to par. I tinkered around and opted for longer skis, but I struggled to handle them. If today's conditions persist, the races might hold one or two surprises. However, with snowfall in the forecast, the snow could become more aggressive or blunter, and the track might slow down. Considering my time today, there might not be much in it for me."

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