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The Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel is almost at the start line, aiming for a smile for humanity at the finish

The Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel is almost at the start line, aiming for a smile for humanity...
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The Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel is almost at the start line, aiming for a smile for humanity...
There are only a few days left until 2nd July: organisers, collaborators, volunteers and cyclists alike are all geared up and ready to make sure the thirty-sixth Maratona is off to a fine start, filled with Humanity.

Figures and routes

Figures always give substance to an event, and the Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel which is now in its 36th edition is no exception to this mathematical rule. So here they are in summary form:
there are 8000 registered participants, 4000 of whom were drawn out of a hat and 4000 are participating by right, against a total of 27000 registration applications. The Italian peloton includes 50% of participants, while the remaining 50% are from abroad; there are 75 different nationalities attending, 37 of whom are non-European; the female quota makes up 11% while no less than 1500 volunteers are making the Maratona possible.

The three routes are a classic by now not just of the Maratona, but of cycling in absolute terms: the Maratona which is 138 km long with a difference in altitude of 4230 m, the 106 km Medium route with a 3,130 m difference in altitude and the Sellaronda which is 55 km long with a difference in altitude of 1,780 m. The charm of the race is in the absolute absence of any automotive-motorcycle vehicles: the roads are closed to traffic, making the Maratona an unmissable experience for all cycling enthusiasts. Besides, cycling along the Dolomite mountain passes is like retracing the cycling epic itself and doing so with the utmost freedom is simply unrivalled.

Campolongo, Pordoi, Sella, Gardena, Giau, Falzarego and Valparola: a wonderful merry-go-round where participants can pedal along while savouring the splendour of a unique landscape in silence. At the end of the race, every participant can benefit from an indelible memory of their experience.
The most important stage of this year’s Giro d’Italia, which took place on 26th May from Longarone to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, led the Giro d’Italia participants to cycle along four passes of the Maratona, including the legendary Giau, confirming the fact that the Maratona is held on the roads that have made and are making cycling history of yesterday, today and certainly also of tomorrow.

Maratona Green Event

Every edition, we want the Maratona and sustainability to travel together increasingly towards new goals. To make the event more environmentally-friendly and less impactful on the environment, we have developed approximately 15 microprojects focused on sustainability and, thanks to the Green Event certification, we have the opportunity to encourage and endorse our partners to take initiatives in this direction. Enervit has devised the bag for the race packs together with the Selyn cooperative from Sri Lanka, certified WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization). A 100% cotton bag which can be used and re-used time and time again, eco-friendly and sustainable, made respecting the rights of those who worked to make it and in the eco-friendly spirit of the event participants.
Selle Italia has introduced a world first: the new Smart Tape is a revolutionary handlebar tape. Smart Tape is in fact fully recyclable and its production process saves significant amounts of CO2. It will be gifted to every participant.

The theme of sustainability also emerges in the initiative concerning the Green Angel, the sustainable mechanic riding Pinarello electric bicycles and full electric cars provided by Audi. Audi is helping us to have sustainable mobility, once again providing a significant number of full electric cars for the race management too. Last but not least, mention must be made of the mechanical workshop designed and managed by Enel in partnership with Shimano, which always proves to be a success, edition after edition.

A medal for ecological value

This year too our medal, which is designed and created by craftsmen from Val Badia, aims to represent the essence of the Dolomites and the creativity of local craftsmen. Dedicated to all participants, the Maratona medals are the emblem of the spirit that permeates a race with strong roots and looks far ahead to the future. The materials used are natural and are sourced from our beloved Dolomites: Swiss pine wood in 60 millimetre planks and 60 kilograms of “Stratification of La Valle” stone quarried from around the hamlet of La Val in Alta Badia.
The work process is intricate but we’ll try to summarise it briefly: the Swiss pine wood plans are cut up into small pieces onto which the “Umanité” logo is engraved, while the stones are first split and then ground into a fine powder. The ground stone powder is in turn introduced to fill the engraved “Umanité” logo. We calculated that for the total processing, it took approximately 750 working hours, totalling 5.5 minutes per medal.

Two must-have classics: the eco-sustainable Carvico vest and Castelli jersey

The Carvico vest and the Castelli jersey are now an integral part of the Maratona ecosystem. The vests made with Carvico fabrics have a simple yet stylish look and provide the perfect fit, making them the winning ally of athletes: stretchy, breathable and hard-wearing, they provide excellent protection and the utmost freedom of movement. Not just outstanding technical performance: the vest, which will be gifted to every participant, is entirely “green” thanks to Norway and Revolutional Eco, two eco-sustainable technical fabrics made from recycled raw materials. Indeed, both are made from ECONYL®, a 100% nylon thread regenerated from pre- and post-consumer waste materials such as fishing nets, carpet fluff and hard tulle.
The 2023 edition of the Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel jersey designed and created by Castelli is available in two different versions, for men and women. Made using Strada ventilated micro mesh stretch fabric for a great fit and moisture management, with raw cut sleeves, the jersey - which is black for men and white for women - is designed to keep cyclists cool and comfortable throughout the challenging ride. The patterns and designs on the jersey bring to mind a barcode and the concept of "Humanity". This jersey is both stylish and looks great. It was designed to fit all body shapes, delivering maximum comfort and freedom of movement during long days on the saddle. The back of the jersey features a number pocket on the back.

A major novelty

There’s a major new partner at this year’s Maratona: from this edition, the consulting company, EY, has joined the ranks. This company has a global standing and has chosen the Maratona as its communication vehicle. "We are proud to support from this year on such an important initiative as the Maratona dles Dolomites not only as a partner, but also by actively participating in this prestigious event now in its 36th edition. We have come on board this sporting event precisely because we share its vision, objectives and main values, among which the environmental and social ones in particular. These issues have always been at the heart of the Marathon, as they have been for our company, which has integrated them into its strategy and business, raising the awareness of our 8500 people who are increasingly active and protagonists of projects with a high social and environmental impact, for example by donating their experience and knowledge through the EY Ripples volunteer programmes,” comments Marco Daviddi, Strategy & Transactions Markets Leader Europe West, Strategy & Transactions Leader Italy, EY.

Ride to inspire

Our partner Arcese has decided to boost its participation in the Maratona with a project called RIDE TO INSPIRE – A QUEST FOR DOLOMITES, aimed at communicating how it is possible to make a difference in sports through an extraordinary adventure. Kevin Ferrari, a disabled athlete, is facing the challenge of preparing to take part in the Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel.

Power Your Emotions with Shimano

When it comes to artificial intelligence, the following question often comes up: “what is the future of humanity”? Shimano wanted to answer this question with a project called “Power Your Emotions with Shimano”, which aims to extend the concept of coexistence and harmony between humanity and artificial intelligence. The project will take place throughout the Maratona Village days, during which it will be possible to have artificial intelligence create images with the cycling emotions described by cyclists.

Hervé Barmasse: from the Aosta Valley to Alta Badia by bike

Hervé Barmasse, professional mountaineer and populariser of mountain culture will be taking part in the Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel by reaching Corvara from Valtournenche by bicycle. His journey, 550 kilometres and more than 7000 metres of altitude difference, stems from a desire for discovery, to live an authentic and sustainable experience, in close contact with the territory and the people who inhabit it.

"The bike is a means of living, experimenting, moving, playing, exploring, it represents a lifestyle; it is the most efficient means of locomotion, it allows you to get to know the territory and the people who inhabit it, giving you the awareness of a society that is never still. Never before in our existence is there such a need for humanity if we want to rediscover the balance between earth and man'.

Barmasse's idea is to bring attention to a fast-growing movement, that of cycle tourism and its practitioners who love Italy and the wonderful setting of its mountains and who wish to move through the Alps and the Apennines at the pace most suited to man, slow and sustainable.

The Maratona in a dish

The Maratona is not just about cycling; it is also and above all good food, as the initiative that goes by the name of ‘the cyclist’s dish’ has demonstrated for years. At each edition, a local chef is chosen and, together with nutritionist Elena Casiraghi, they create a dish dedicated to participants. This year, we will have the delicious opportunity to try a dish by chef Manuel Mangutsch from the restaurant “Mumant”, comprising rye mezzelune pasta filled with ricotta and porcini mushrooms in a nettle sauce, spruce scented mousse, tomato concassé and “Gran Bracun” cheese from Maso Lüch da Pcëi farm.

Maratona Village and Green Corners

This year too, the Maratona Village in San Leonardo in Badia will be packed with events and novelties, with a stage for all the fashion shows, interviews and festive moments which have always brought it to life. From Thursday to Saturday, thousands of fans and visitors get together in what can be considered the symbolic meeting place of the Dolomitic granfondo cycling marathon and as always, in addition to stalls offering all sorts of delights, they will also be delighted by news and curiosities dedicated to everyone, without exception.

The number of partner companies grows year on year and this edition boasts more than forty-five, eight more than the previous edition.

The traditional technical sponsors have become genuine regulars of the Village and include Pinarello with its futuristic bicycles, and Kask+Koo with its new collection of eyewear and helmets. The same applies to Enervit, which is available to the public to recommend the use of the most suitable energy products for the chosen track type, and Pirelli, offering a booth for all cyclists wishing to use their tyre check service. Mapei, which has been successfully animating these three days for years, has confirmed its presence, as has Enel, Eolo and Audi with their hyper-technological spaces, set up to provide an insight into the fantastic world of electric cars, innovations in the energy and telecommunications sectors.

Owing to the success obtained in past editions, the food and wine corner has been confirmed, where the companies present in the village, including Marlene, Segafredo, Cantine Maschio, Rio Mare, Loacker and many more will offer visitors the chance to taste their products. Over the three-day event, the Maratona Village is frequented by personalities from the world of sport and other industries, who meet up with participants and sometimes even offer the chance for a selfie with a star.

The “Green Corner” has been confirmed, highlighting the Maratona’s heightened awareness of environmental issues. In this space, some of our volunteer friends will be helping visitors sort their waste for recycling. Last of all, it is worth noting the significant effort on the part of exhibitors who will try to limit their use of plastic as much as possible, using either paper or biodegradable plastic.

We would be nothing without our volunteers

It is a well-known fact that the volunteers are the veritable stars of the race, a thick group of volunteers who are this year more colourful than ever. Indeed, there are almost 1500 volunteers, including women, men and young people, who make a prestigious event such as the Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel possible. Without the commitment and the support, the help and the passion which every volunteer puts into it year after year, the Maratona would simply not exist. Volunteers hand out vests, manage the refreshment points, prepare the race packs and coordinate the arrival area. Volunteers are the beacon underpinning the entire organisational machine. And when the race ends and everything is dismantled, the day after the race everyone celebrates together. A massive barbecue, with even a lottery, is set up to reward everyone’s efforts: an event within the event, a moment of shared celebration and joy, planning the next edition. Because that’s the spirit of the volunteer: to give a helping hand so everyone is content.

Sport and entertainment, politics and entrepreneurship: the Maratona certainly does not lack in personalities

Between mountain passes and pedal strokes, toil and wonder, there is no lack of a desire to be there, to take part, to meet up and take on the challenge. So this year too, the Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel has turned into an unmissable event for many famous stars, and not just from the world of sports, but also from the world of show business as well as Italian and international entrepreneurs. Among the names attending the 36th edition, regulars include Hervé Barmasse, Davide Cassani, Paolo Bettini, Filippo Pozzato, Gianni Bugno, Federico Pellegrino, Manfred Mölgg, Fabrizio Ravanelli, Jury Chechi, Lisa Vitozzi and Cristian Zorzi. For the first time ever, however, Vincenzo Nibali the shark will also be at the start as former football champion, Massimo Ambrosini will.

The group of industrialists and entrepreneurs this year will comprise Matteo Arcese (Arcese Trasporti), Pierluigi Alessandri (Technogym), Luca Spada (Eolo), Nicola Lanzetta (Enel), Fausto Pinarello (Pinarello), Laura Colnaghi (Carvico), Emilio Mussini (Panaria Group), Uberto Fornara (RCS Group), Angelo Gotti (Kask), Giovanni Bruno (Sky), Massimo Beduschi (GroupM) and Giampaolo Letta (Medusa Film).

Celebrities from the world of showbiz and communication will also be attending, including Linus, influencers Tudor Laurini and Jhoanna Maggy.

Olympic champion Tania Cagnotto will be at the Maratona Village to welcome all participants.

This year too, Manfred Mölgg will be part of the Maratona testimonial team, accompanying cyclists on bike tours during the cyclist’s week and acting as ambassador on the days of the event.

Real time weather forecasts with

This year, thanks to the partnership with iLMeteo, the participants of the Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel will be able to benefit from "real time" weather forecast monitoring before and during the race. This is an important service fully to enjoy the sporting experience which will help athletes decide on the itinerary, which clothing to wear and which equipment to bring along. This is precisely the reason underpinning the partnership with Italy’s number one weather forecast site. Lorenzo Tedici, weather forecaster from, in fact, will be in Alta Badia to provide updates on the temperature, wind and rainfall for all race participants.

Live TV, a marathon within the Maratona

The Maratona is also six hours of live TV. Broadcast on national tv RAI 2 from 6:15 am to 12 noon, the live TV broadcast is an important showcase for the local territory and for amateur cycling, a genuine clean driver of the Maratona. Using television footage, we want fully to convey and disseminate Ladin culture, along with its customs and traditions, showing the well-known and lesser-known towns and hamlets the racers come across along the routes. During the live broadcast, in addition to following the exploits of the marathon participants, stories are told, friends are welcomed and above all emotions are conveyed thanks to a team of 40 people including journalists and technicians who make the live broadcast of such a magnificent experience possible.

Gazzetta Talk shows

This year the Maratona Village is hosting talk shows organised by national sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, which will be taking place on Friday and Saturday at the village and feature personalities form the world of sports. The talk shows, which will be live streamed on the website, once again testify to the important collaboration between the so called “pink newspaper” and the Maratona based on a close relationship based on friendship and mutual esteem.

Perhaps not everybody knows that...

There are 107 provinces in Italy, 103 of which will be attending the Maratona, making it the most well-represented Italian sporting event at national level.
This year, the oldest participant is the Italian Orfeo Ramazzotti, who was born on 2nd February 1941.
We have already mentioned the 1500 volunteers, but perhaps we can add another nugget of information: their commitment has been quantified as more than 23,250 total work hours.
There are six refreshment points located along the route and during the race, they will be distributing a whopping 2000 kg of apples, 1500 kg of bananas, 380 kg of oranges, 9500 filled sandwiches, 180 kg of cheese, 190 kg of ham, 620 kg of cakes and pastries, 3900 litres of Coca Cola, 6500 litres of water, 900 litres of iced tea, 8200 litres of mineral salts, 2150 kg of Rana tortellini pasta and 8100 steaks and sausages.

Maratona and solidarity

There are two main charity projects in this edition: Dynamo Camp, which supports the climbing and adventure trail project for children suffering from serious or chronic diseases, and the training and rehabilitation project for children and youths in four corners of the globe, curated by the "Insieme si può" NGO/non-profit making association. The project includes: the purchasing of school materials in Madagascar, the financing of programmes to prevent child violence in Buenos Aires, support for a training project in South Sudan and a project supporting teachers in Afghanistan.

Knowing to understand

This is who we are: we never stop and we always want to improve and do better. For this reason, in partnership with Unirimini, we have created a survey which will be sent to participants when the event is over. We want to understand what they like about the Maratona and what we could do to improve it.

Stay up-to-date

To stay up-to-date on all the initiatives and news about the Maratona, and to find out about the activities and greetings of the stars of this edition, simply browse the web version of the Maratona magazine at the following link:

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