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SkiStar presents new summer attractions: new adventure arenas in Sälen, Trysil and Vemdalen

SkiStar presents new summer attractions: new adventure arenas in Sälen, Trysil and Vemdalen
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SkiStar presents new summer attractions: new adventure arenas in Sälen, Trysil and Vemdalen
The winter season is in full swing, many have booked their stay in the mountains and are adding a week at Easter, while mountain travellers are starting to plan their summer holidays. SkiStar continues to invest in experiences for active summer holidays for the whole family in the Scandinavian mountain environment. New for this year is that the popular attractions of Stockholm Hammarbybacken will also be introduced in Trysil and Sälen, while Vemdalen gets its first climbing park and new trail cycling routes.
For summer 2021, SkiStar invested heavily in the staycation trend, and in the demand for an active mountain holiday all year round, including summer. Several new attractions were introduced at SkiStar’s destinations, such as trail cycling, lift-driven hiking, climbing parks, camps and new events. Following last summer’s innovation of the Stockholm Hammarbybacken, this year the company is bringing these experiences, and more, to both Sälen and Trysil.

"We want to get more people moving and to be able to offer an active and relaxing holiday all year round. We want more people to enjoy and access the amazing Scandinavian mountain environment even in summer. Previous years have also taught us that summer brings an increasing interest in well-being and in living and eating well. That’s why we’re heavily invested in overall experiences where we offer all of this, not least through our activity hotels and lodges," says Stefan Sjöstrand, CEO of SkiStar AB.

Several new attractions for summer 2023

SkiStar Sälen

A brand new adventure arena with plenty of new summer activities is being built on Valleberget at SkiStar Lodge Lindvallen:
  • SummerSki - Summer skiing on artificial grass, a total of 7000 sqm of skiing where you swish down the Anna slope and ascend via the Kråkan lift. The artificial grass consists of biologically produced plastic from sugar cane, where the plastic mats are produced in Sweden. A Rail Park designed by SkiStar ambassador Jesper Tjäder has also been added. A ski school will also be available throughout the summer.
  • Mountain Coaster - A fun and fast way to get down the mountain on a track section where the track runs up and down at a maximum of 40 km/h - and you brake and accelerate yourself.
  • Mountain Tube - Ride down the slope in a rubber ring and choose from a variety of straight and curved paths with twists.
SkiStar IGLOO Glamping: A unique and spectacular experience offering glamping in two igloo-shaped buildings set apart and close to nature, yet within walking distance to SkiStar Lodge Lindvallen and close to the new adventure arena and all the area’s activities.

Event: This summer sees the launch of two brand new events in SkiStar Sälen: the live podcast festival on 2-4 June and the iChallenge on 8-11 June in Lindvallen. Running courses will also be held together with Runacademy. The Nils van der Poel test returns, this time in the summer, 7-9 July.

Solar cells: As part of SkiStar’s commitment to produce their own renewable energy, five major buildings in Sälen will be solar-powered, including Experium and Wasastugan.

SkiStar Vemdalen

Several new developments are taking place at Vemdalskalet and adjacent to Skalet Square, where SkiStar is creating a climbing park and trail cycling facility:
  • Climbing park with zipline: at the Skalet Express summit. Take the lift up to climb in the park (or walk up if you wish). The climbing park consists of 7 different tracks ranging from 1 to 8 metres high with varying difficulty levels, as well as 2 ziplines. Pre-booking is done via or in the SkiStar app.
  • Trail cycling: From the Skalet Express summit, two machine-driven trail paths will be built, taking you down the mountain on fun and easy trails, using your own or a rented mountain bike.
  • There will also be a training course, the skills area, adjacent to the trail paths. The area has also had a pump track for a while now.
  • Bike guides will be available to book. The SkiStarshop on Vemdalsskalet’s Square will have a wider range of bicycles available for hire.
Lodging: Hovde hotels recently purchased by SkiStar will be open this summer and all lodging can be booked at

SkiStar Trysil

At Eventyr, adjacent to the Turistsenter and Radisson Blu Resort, a brand new adventure arena is being built with several new summer activities:
  • Mountain Tube: Go downhill on a rubber ring on different tracks.
  • Mountain Coaster: A fast-paced trail roller coaster takes you down the mountain, suitable for both young and old.
  • Mountain drifting mini-cart: Electric mini-go carts that you drive on a plastic backing that simulates the feeling of driving on snow. Target group 7-15 years.
  • Trail cycling for children: In Valleskogen, you can explore two new cycling trails (light green) and an adapted cycling trail for the youngest children down the conveyor belt in the children's area.
  • More playful activities for children and young people are also set to be built in the Adventure Arena.
The lift-based trail cycling accessed via the lift Fjellekpressen has been further developed with a new, easier cycle path with four customised stops along the way with activities for families with children.

Lodging: Radisson Blu Mountain Resort & Residence will change its name to SkiStar Lodge Trysil on 1 May and will open for the season on 23 June. The Radisson Blu Resort by the Turistsenter is open as usual.

SkiStar Åre

Åreskutan 360 experience: Enjoy all the views of Åreskutan, now even more easily accessible as it becomes a continuation of the viewing area at the cable car summit. A loop of about 300 metres long with trails/ramps for viewing hiking is in the process of being completed. Access for pushchairs and wheelchairs makes it easier for children and seniors to get up and get a nice 360-degree view from the summit of Åreskutan.

MTB: Several new and improved trails in both Åre Bike Park Downhill and Åre Bike Park Trail Björnen.

New lift this summer with the new Stjärnliften, which provides an increased capacity as it has been designed to transport bikes and accommodate more bikes than before.

The climbing park in Björnen gets a new track and tree climbing is introduced.

SkiStar Stockholm Hammarbybacken

Vallestigen - A hiking trail that takes you to the Hammarbybacken summit and down again. The trail features a variety of fun and challenging activities along the way, which are also free of charge.

A ski school will be offered during the summer.

SkiStar Hemsedal

SkiStar is focused mainly on rebuilding for the winter, when the new lift Lodge Express will be in place for the 2023/24 season. During the period, however, Hollvin Express will remain open, although trail cycling may be limited during certain periods, e.g. Silverstone. However, we are working to ensure that there is as little impact as possible. The SkiStarshop Concept Store, including bike rentals, will be open. SkiStar Lodge in Hemsedal is also open during the summer.

"With all these new attractions and investments, we’re taking yet another step towards becoming the leading year-round holiday operator for Scandinavia. We hope and believe that we will create many memorable mountain experiences for even more guests this summer, who want to experience both the joy of being active, relaxing and tackling a challenge. We always have something for everyone," concludes Sjöstrand.

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