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Alta Badia, Saus dl Altonn - flavours of autumn

Alta Badia Saus dl Altonn - flavours of autumn
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Alta Badia Saus dl Altonn - flavours of autumn
Wheat, meat, and local cheeses are just some of the products that, together with their producers and five Michelin starred chefs, will be the stars of the food and wine offering dedicated to the start of autumn from September 12-26.
Alta Badia (South Tyrolean Dolomites/Italy) - The weeks that bring summer to a close, with their incredibly intense and clear colours, represent a unique opportunity to experience the Dolomites a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The peace and quiet of these mountains with the autumn colours, typical of that period, will be providing the perfect backdrop to "Saus dl Altonn", meaning "Flavours of autumn" in Ladin, that will be held from September 12-26. The aim of this event is to pay tribute to this wonderful time of year through great cuisine, genuine local products and a range of activities dedicated to the surrounding nature.

During the last two weeks of September, five mountain huts in Alta Badia (Ütia Pralongiá, Ütia de Bioch, Ütia Malga Saraghes, Ütia I Tablá and Ütia Gardenacia) will be linked to five producers of top-quality local products and five Italian Michelin starred Chefs: Nicola Laera (Restaurant La Stüa de Michil at Hotel La Perla), Paolo Donei (Restaurant Malga Panna), Karl Baumgartner (Restaurant Schöneck), Fabrizia Meroi (Restaurant Laite) and Alessandro Gilmozzi (Restaurant El Molin). Each mountain hut will present a menu based on the specific product that has been assigned to it specially for the occasion. Every day, it will also be possible to buy certain products and meet the people who make these local treasures, as they will be making an appearance at their assigned huts. The producers will be able to explain the qualities and unique characteristics of their products and the Michelin starred Chefs will reveal a few secrets about how to cook with them.
The mountain huts can be easily reached by walking, cycling or with the cable cars, which are open until October 3.


Monday 13 September will be dedicated to the DEGUST grey cheese produced by Hansi Baumgartner, brother of Michelin starred chef Karl Baumgartner (Restaurant Schöneck, Falzes, 1 Michelin star), who will create a "Sugar beet, wasabi and Affineur Degust grey cheese creamed barley risotto" at the Ütia Gardenacia hut.

Terra Vitae wheat from Gais is the product paired with the Ütia Pralongiá mountain hut. On Tuesday 14 September, it will be possible to taste the dish "Spelt, spruce, green tea, donkey milk, goji berries", created by Fabrizia Meroi (Restaurant Laite, Sappada, 1 Michelin star).
At the Ütia Malga Saraghes mountain hut, the culinary event will take place on Wednesday 15 September. Michelin starred chef Alessandro Gilmozzi (Restaurant El Molin, Cavalese, 1 Michelin star) will cook the "Chef's ossobuco" using meat from the Lüch da Ciampidel farm in San Cassiano.

On Friday 17 September, the culinary event moves to the Ütia de Bioch mountain hut, where the honey from the Lü de Pincia farm has been paired. Chef Nicola Laera (Restaurant La Stüa de Michil at Hotel La Perla in Corvara, 1 Michelin star) will create a "Barbecued Tuscan Mangalica pork chop with honey, figs, yuzu and spring onion".

The cheese producer from the Lüch Chi Prá farm will instead be the guest of the Ütia I Tablá hut on Monday 20 September. Michelin starred chef Paolo Donei (Restaurant Malga Panna, Moena, 1 Michelin star) will present a "Crunchy lasagne with chanterelle mushrooms, courgettes and Maso Chi Prà cheese fondue".


During the last two weeks of September, it will also be possible to take part in lots of other activities to get to know Alta Badia’s other excellent products. The activities on offer include a degustation of honey (14th September), an outing at sunset at Gran Cir peak (15th September), an excursion to discover the local herbs (16th September), a sparking wine tasting at the Larcenëi meadows (17th September), the end of Summer festivity "La Munt de Boé in festa" (19th September), the transhumance in the village of Badia (19th September), a visit to the Natur Lüch Sossach farm and their BIO beef meat production (20th September), an experience at the Lüch Ciores farm with a degustation of goat milk products (23rd September) and a local beer tasting (24th September).

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