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Alta Badia prepares to host the 37th edition of the Ski World Cup races on the Gran Risa slope

Alta Badia pic. Freddy Planinschek
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Alta Badia pic. Freddy Planinschek
The men's Alpine Ski World Cup will stop in Alta Badia, as it has done since 1985, during the weekend before Christmas. The two giant slaloms will take place on Sunday 18 and Monday 19 December. A festive atmosphere and a return to normality will welcome the numerous fans inside the hospitality areas at the foot of the Gran Risa.
Only one month to go until the traditional appointment with the men's ski races, held on the Gran Risa slope and valid for the Alpine Ski World Cup. The best international athletes will compete on 18 and 19 December on one of the most technical and challenging slopes of the entire Skiworldcup circuit.
Those who do not have the possibility to follow their favourites directly from the finish area, can cheer for them from home, thanks to the worldwide broadcast of the races, at 10.00 a.m. for the first run and at 1.00 p.m. for the second.


Alta Badia is increasingly emerging as a location that offers the highest intensity of finest indulgent moments in the mountains. In this vein, the Alpine Ski World Cup races are a unique opportunity to discover the excellence of the area. The races represent, in fact, the highlight of skiing-related moments in Alta Badia. The three hospitality areas of the event offer authentic moments of pleasure, each based on the main values of the area, namely high level cuisine, the majesty of the Dolomites and Ladin culture.

The excellence of the moments dedicated to gourmet cuisine is once again at home at the LEITNER VIP Lounge, located on the rooftop of the building opposite the parterre, where there is the possibility of following the races and spending a few hours in peace while enjoying a good glass of wine, paired with dishes prepared on Sunday by Michelin-starred chefs Gerhard Wieser (Restaurant Castel finedining, 2 Michelin stars) and Peter Girtler (Restaurant Gourmetstube Einhorn, 2 Michelin stars). Gourmet cuisine will also take centre stage in the LEITNER VIP Lounge during Monday's race with the dishes created by Johann Lerchner (Restaurant Lerchner's, 1 Michelin green star). Tickets are on sale for 275€ for Sunday and 200€ for Monday.

In the Red Bull Energy Lounge, the pioneering mood of Alta Badia meets the high ambitions of Red Bull and together they create a lounge, unique in the entire World Cup circuit. It is a building with a large terrace, located directly in the finish area, where fans can watch the races from the front row and from a privileged position, just like in the starting pits of a Formula1 or MotoGP race. Inside this lounge it will be possible to taste the bubbles of Cantina Drusian. For more than thirty years, Francesco Drusian has been an interpreter of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG territory. His historic winery, active since the end of the 19th century, creates an almost family-like bond with the vine. Meticulous attention in the vineyard, inspired by the concept of sustainability, to bring out the best in the nectar that comes from the precious Glera grapes grown on these steep hills, from 2019 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is from this culture intrinsic to the place that the Valdobbiadene Docg Drusian sparkling wines are born. "The collaboration with Alpine Ski World Cup arose spontaneously, and a great affinity emerged immediately. Our fellowship stems from sharing the same values linked to the enhancement of the territory and the passion for our work,” confides owner Francesco Drusian. Tickets are on sale at a price of €200 for Sunday and €175 for Monday.

The more traditional, all wood-panelled lounge is instead called Gran Risa Chalet. This hospitality area, dedicated to Ladin traditions and culture, will host the partner Forst, Oakley and Movimënt. In addition to being set up in mountain style, it provides the opportunity to taste some of the best dishes of the local, simple but genuine cuisine.


The trophies, which will be awarded to the first three classified, will be again this year the work of the artist Daniele Basso, author of the sculpture GIGANT, installed at the start of the Gran Risa slope for the 30th anniversary of the event.

The themes chosen for the 2022 Giant Slalom trophies are simplicity and determination. "As Constantin Brancusi said," Basso continues, "simplicity in art is complexity resolved. Similarly in skiing, as in any sport, performance is the result of fluidity and technique. Of a lot of work. Beyond the limits of the mind. Towards an apparent simplicity that becomes perfection in execution”. The trophies drawn by artist Daniele Basso completely in steel, an eternal material, and laser-carved from essential lines, create a space in which to reflect and ponder. "Today, when society is shaken by conflicts and contrasts," the artist points out, "it is within us that we must find the strength and motivation to go beyond differences and divisions, rediscovering the pleasure of sharing, of meeting and building together new paths of confrontation and personal and collective growth".


A new online magazine, entirely dedicated to the Ski World Cup in Alta Badia, was launched on 26 October. Its name is MGZN+ (Magazine Plus). It is a dynamic magazine, capable of capturing the attention of the reader, who in addition to reading the articles, has the opportunity to delve deeper into the contents, through videos, photo galleries and various types of interaction. Within the online magazine, it is possible to find exclusive texts, audios or videos, which can only be accessed by leafing through the MGZN+. These include greetings from President Andy Varallo, interviews with race director Markus Waldner, or the Italian top athlete Luca De Aliprandini. There is no shortage of nutritional advice from Elena Casiraghi, one of Italy's best-known nutritionists, or the chance to be taken to the Gran Risa slope, on an imaginary ski tour, together with Marco Di Marco, editor of Sciare Magazine. The reader will also find useful information telling about the race and the programme, or illustrating Alta Badia, this valley in the heart of the Dolomites a UNESCO World Heritage site, which has been hosting Alpine Ski World Cup races for 37 years. The platform also lends itself very well to giving visibility to partners and sponsors, who can purchase classic or dynamic advertising space within the areas dedicated to them. The direct link to MGZN+


It is well known that the main factor in the success of World Cup athletes has been the support of the family. Similarly, it is always the family that has an influence on the athlete, even when the athlete leaves the competitive path for fear of parents that skiing will negatively interfere with their studies. For the past three years, the Ski Team Alta Badia has been working within the ESKI (Promoting Education, Skills Development & Dual Careers in Alpine Skiing) project, with support from the European Union's ERASMUS+ Sport programme. On the occasion of the Skiing World Cup races in Alta Badia, the results of ESKI, coordinated by Dr. Federiga Bindi, will be presented and discussed with experts in the field at a conference open to the public, scheduled for Sunday, 18 December at 6 p.m. at the events hall in La Villa. The evening's speakers will include renowned sports psychologist Dr. Jim Taylor and Richard Rokos from the University of Colorado, as well as ERASMUS+ Sports manager Luciano Di Fonzo. To attend the presentation, you must register by filling out the form at the following link:


Skiing on fresh snow, from 07.15 am, before anyone else, is a truly unique experience. The experience becomes even more magical if you do it in the heart of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on Alta Badia's slopes, where the best athletes will be going head-to-head at the Alpine Ski World Cup during the same period, all topped off with an excellent breakfast at 2,000 m a.s.l.
On Monday 19th December, the ski slopes on the plateau of Alta Badia will be opening at dawn, giving ski enthusiasts the chance to see the sun rise at 2,000 m a.s.l. and ski down the slopes that have been perfectly prepared the night before by the many snowcats that work in the area. What’s more, there is the chance to enjoy a hearty breakfast, based on genuine and healthy products, at the Club Moritzino, Ütia I Tablá, Ütia de Bioch, Ütia Piz Arlara and Ütia Las Vegas mountain huts. Each hut will be paired with a specific breakfast item, such as milk, cereal, eggs or fruits. The various dishes on offer have been created with the support of the nutritionist Elena Casiraghi and they contain the essential ingredients for a perfect breakfast, guaranteeing the right number of calories and nutrition for each leg of the breakfast route from one mountain hut to another.


The OC Alpine Ski World Cup Alta Badia would like to thank all partners for their support. Precisely in this period, dedicated to the return to normality, the partners and sponsors of the World Cup races in Alta Badia are an integral part of the event and contribute to making this edition unique and special. This confirms the solid relationship that has been established over the years between partners and the OC Alpine Ski World Cup Alta Badia.

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