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Nordica Olympia Mint XBS

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skis Nordica Olympia Mint XBS
NORDICA has designed an entire ski collection exclusively dedicated to women called OLYMPIA. In recent years, every model in the Olympia collection has won major magazine test awards proving that Nordica is the undisputed manufacturer of true performance women’s skis. Covering the entire
spectrum of skier types, Olympia offers the perfect performance for every woman. Precision, performance and a little style all in one.

Target consumer: Advanced women seeking a supporting ski to help them confidently enjoy the mountain all day long.
Performance features: Engineered with an evolution of the XBS interface integrated into the
construction of the ski. This system plus the energy frame partial sidewall improves the force transmission and the edge grip on the binding area while the front and rear section stay smooth and permit easy turns.

Energy Frame Partial Sidewall CA
N SPORT XBS 2, 5-10
Type of core: Composite double Wood
Type of base: UHMW sintered graphite Electra Gallium
On piste
Off piste

Product details
Length: 144 (R10/5)/152 (R12)/160 (R14)/168 (R16)
Radius: 14m /160
Sidecut: 119-72-102
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