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Nordica Jah Love

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skis Nordica Jah Love
The SUPERCHARGER series from NORDICA is back and better than ever. These skis are made for serious big mountain skiers, back country jibbers and park and pipe aficionados. The Supercharger collection is designed exclusively for the next generation of skiers.

Target consumer: Those looking for the ultimate in flotation.
Performance features: With this new project, 140mm of solid wood core stability under your feet, you’ll surf almost effortlessly in any type or depth of powder. The Jah Love’s unique tip and waist design gives you maximum performance in deep snow and makes powder skiing an unforgettable experience.

Construction: ENERGY FRAME TI
Type of core: Wood
Type of base: UHMW sintered graphite Electra Gallium
On piste
Off piste

Product details
Length: 185 (R29)/193 (R32)
Radius: 29m /185
Sidecut: 167-140-157
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