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Nordica Dobermann GSJ Plate

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skis Nordica Dobermann GSJ Plate
NORDICA is proud to offer juniors the newest, coolest, best performing junior skis out there. These skis may be made in smaller sizes for juniors, but they don’t lose any of their inherited vigorous spirit or high performance of their predecessors. From future champions to park and pipe rippers to little free riders just learning, NORDICA has a ski for every junior of every ability.

Target consumer: Junior racers looking to step it up to the next level.
Performance features: Engineered for hot young racers who need a specific racing side cut and enhanced edge grip at high speed GS turns.

ENERGY Ti (153,161,171), ENERGY Ca (133,143)
plate: Marker Racing J • 12.0 TC EPS or M 10.0 JR COMP EPS
Type of core: wood
Type of base: UHMW sintered graphite Electra Gallium
On piste
Off piste

Product details
Length: 133 (R>14)/143 (R>14)/153 (R>14)/161 (R>17)/171 (R>17)
Radius: 14m /153
Sidecut: 103-63-88
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