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Nordica Speedmachine MACH 3 XBi

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skis Nordica Speedmachine MACH 3 XBi
Description: Any expert will crave the SPEEDMACHINE MACH 3 with it’s amazing stability and precise edge control at high speeds. Combined with XBi, these skis make each turn fluid and powerful with little effort. Size: sizes (radii): 154 (R13,6),162 (R14),170 (R15,3), 178 (R16,1)
sidecut: 119-72-104

Features: construction: FULL TWIN V ACTIVE CA
Type of core: Wood
System / Binding: X-BALANCE SYSTEM INTEGRATED, N0312 Ti XBi bindings by Marker
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Product detailsFeatures
Length: 154 (R13/6)/162 (R14)/170 (R15/3)/178 (R16/1)
Radius: 15.3m /170
Sidecut: 119-72-104
XBi - X Balance Integrated, Full Twin V Active Ca-Ti
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XBi - X Balance Integrated


An integrated system designed to keep you balanced on your skis providing more control and flexing your skis homogeneously providing more grip.

XBi is engineered to fully integrate the ski, binding and plate to directly transmit the power from your legs to the edges of the skis. Each turn becomes more fluid and more powerful with less effort from you. X-BALANCE was engineered to smoothly redistribute pressure created from any forward or backward balance mistakes, but with the addition of XBi, skiing essentially becomes an effortless exercise of precision.

For collection 2006/07, Nordica is proud to introduce the new generation of X-balance system were ski construction ( FULL TWINN V ACTIVE ) and X-balance concept (XBi) will be come the ultimate ski technology.

Full Twin V Active Ca-Ti

New ski construction designed arroud the X balance concept and developed in order to improve.

• Best effective transmission of power to the edge
• Maximum energy transfer from X-BALANCE to the tip and the tail thanks to 2V channel technology
• Less weight
• Smother flex curve

This ultimate technology introduced by Nordica will give you the a tremendous control during sking.
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