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Fischer RC4 Z 20 FF X Race Service (RS) BRAKE 85 [A]

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ski bindings Fischer RC4 Z 20 FF X Race Service (RS) BRAKE 85 [A]
Featuring premium safety, race winning response, FIS approved stand height and unhindered ski flex the RC4 Z20 Freeflex is the chosen race binding of our speed team. The binding’s intelligent gliding element allows constant contact between boot and binding providing direct power transmission.

Technologies: ISO 5355A, FRP, Freeflex Pro
Shell Cuff Colour: black/racing blue/yellow
Z-DIN: 10-20
Ramp Angle: 3.5
Jig: 92 W / 92 FAT
Toe Type: RACE
Toe AFD: Race AFD (X)
Toe Stand Height: 12.5
Toe Material: Steel/GFK
Heel Type: RACE PRO RS
Heel Heel System: Standard
Heel Brake: PB² Race Pro 16-85
Brake Code: A
Heel Stand Height: 16
Heel Housing Material: Steel/GFK
Heel Sole Lug Material: ALU
Heel Length Adj. Range: 32
Boot Sole Length (mm): 255-375
Boot Sole Standard: Adult
Weight: 3190 g
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Off piste
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DIN: 10-20FRP, Freeflex Pro
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Four rollers and glide inserts optimise flexibility and release characteristics of the binding.

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