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Marker The Duke 16

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ski bindings Marker The Duke 16
One of the most powerful and best-trusted free riding bindings ever. The Duke features Power-Width-Design for maximum power transmission, a low and level stand height as well as the shortest frame of all hiking models in the market. The hiking aid offers a 7° and 13° position, making the Duke the ideal choice for those extra 500 meters hike to powder. Recommended for skis over 76mm.

special features: magnesium components hike function, no-pull-out screws integrated climbing aid
freeride brake

recom. skier's weight:60 kg +
stand height w/o ski:34 mm
toe system: Triple Pivot Elite
AFD gliding plate: stainl. steel, height adjustable
step-in heel: Inter-Pivot
weight (pair): 2.600 g / 2.630 g*
On piste
Off piste
Product details
DIN: 6-16
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