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Introducing L.I.M Series Z|T: A truly synchronized layering system for next-level adventures

Introducing L.I.M Series Z|T: A truly synchronized layering system for next-level adventures
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Introducing L.I.M Series Z|T: A truly synchronized layering system for next-level adventures
Featuring ultra-performance design and an innovative synchronized layering system, Haglöfs’ new L.I.M Series Z|T collection is made from experience for outsiders who seek the ultimate challenges.
When your adventures lead you to extreme environments, the functionality of your equipment becomes essential. Inspired by the harsh landscapes of Greenland, every product in Haglöfs’ new L.I.M Series Z|T collection has been designed and tested by outsiders to ensure it lives up to performance expectations. The versatile garments elevate the “less is more” wisdom of the brand’s popular L.I.M Series, while introducing a versatile new approach to layering:

L.I.M Series Z|T Synchronized Performance Layering System delivers 30% less humidity within the clothing system compared to conventional modern layering systems.
L.I.M Series Z|T Synchronized Performance Layering System reduces the feeling of being too hot or too cold. Keeping the temperature stable through a wide range of activities and intensities.
Altogether, L.I.M Series Z|T Synchronized Performance Layering System is proven to ensure comfort in a wide range of temperatures through different levels of intensity and activity.

“When we launched the L.I.M Series over 20 years ago, we challenged traditional ideas about what is needed on an expedition and set new standards in terms of materials and features,” says Annsofie Jakobsson, Head of Design at Haglöfs. “The L.I.M Series Z|T collection builds upon that experience. But it’s also the result of going back to the drawing board. We asked ourselves how we could elevate adaptability and performance to better meet the demands of adventurers and ended up thinking beyond the three-layer layering theory altogether.”

Tested and approved by Outsiders
Whether you’re speed hiking or mountaineering in the Arctic, the trick to staying comfortable is managing heat and humidity simultaneously.

L.I.M Series Z|T features a double mid layer system that takes care of heat energy while venting out moisture, providing comfort in a wide range of temperatures and at different intensity levels.

To ensure that the L.I.M Series Z|T system lives up to performance expectations, it was subjected to Haglöfs’ testing program NEO-V. The program brings together scientists and designers with dedicated professional explorers and mountain guides.

‘’What I really appreciate about the L.I.M Z|T Mtn GTX Jacket is that it not only gives me the durability and protection that I want from a shell layer, but also the breathability that I need when moving fast through exposed terrain and bad weather,” says Maria Granberg, a professional mountaineer and Haglöfs ambassador. “It is a great combination that especially proves itself in the rough mountain climate where I have used it the most and where efficiency is key."

A truly synchronized layering system
True to the L.I.M philosophy, every garment in the L.I.M Series Z|T collection features a lightweight design that doesn’t compromise durability or performance. The pieces supply outstanding functionality on their own. However, true ingenuity comes into play when they are combined. To allow for ultimate adaptability and comfort in different conditions and activities, Haglöfs broke with the predominant three-layer tradition to create a truly synchronized layering system. The Synchronized Performance Layering System works like this:

Closest to the body

L.I.M Z|T Base
L.I.M Z|T Base is optimized to rapidly move humidity away from the skin, dry fast, and deliver a high warmth-to-weight ratio. It’s made from a technical Polartec material, with a minimalist construction and heat mapped panels.

Double mid-layers

L.I.M Z|T Mid Sync 1 Jacket and Mid Sync 2 Jacket
The double mid layers are the engine of the L.I.M Series Z|T Synchronized Performance Layering System. They can be worn alone or attached together for a combination that ensures rapid breathability and humidity transfer while delivering a high warmth-to-weight ratio.

Both layers are made out of technical Polartec fabrics. The outer mid layer, Mid Sync 1 features a hard face for durability and weather resistance, combined with an open structure for airflow. The inner mid layer, Mid Sync 2, features heat mapped panels and an open structure for breathability. Plus, a longer fit that allows it to be tucked into gloves and pants.

Protective external top layer jackets

Both jackets are made from GORE-TEX Pro Shell with Stretch. Making them durable and tough against wind and rain, while still being highly breathable. Storm locks on the jackets’ lower hems make them attachable to the L.I.M Series Z|T Shell Pant and/or L.I.M Series Z|T Pant.

The L.I.M Z|T Mtn GTX Pro Jacket provides a protective layer to optimize performance and weather protection. The jacket is specifically designed for mountaineering with a hood that accommodates a helmet and panels adjusted for a climbing harness. Extra-large easy grab pulls, a storm lock lower hem, and one pull cord adjustment makes it easy to adjust.

The L.I.M Z|T Trek GTX Pro Jacket is made for long days on rough trails, with extra length configured for a trekking pack, and panels that adjust to accommodate a backpack. It’s easy to adjust the airflow with big mesh pockets on the front that double as ventilation, center back airflow, and a fully adjustable hood.

Durable pants:
The L.I.M Z|T Shell GTX Pro Pant is designed for intense Nordic mountain pursuits in harsh conditions. Made from GORE-TEX PRO Shell with Stretch, the pants are extremely durable and resilient against wear and tear, while at the same time remaining flexible, breathable, and comfortable. They synchronize with both top layer jackets, with a storm lock that connects to the back hems.

The L.I.M Z|T Pant is super lightweight and adjustable. Built to perform in a variety of Nordic mountain conditions, the pants feature strategic reinforcements and extra-large, lightweight pulls. A storm lock connects them to the back hem of the Z|T Trek Jacket.

Add to this the collection’s insulating hydrophobic down layer, lightweight and waterproof trekking boots, and an extremely versatile backpack—and outsiders have the essentials needed to equip themselves for a variety of adventures.

Responsible performance
Manufacturing lightweight garments, that keep heat in and moisture out, isn't easy. To do so responsibly does not make it easier. The products in the L.I.M Series Z|T collection are therefore built to last for a long time. The majority of the products contain recycled materials, and all trims and details are easily repairable.

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